The ReliaStream web site was moved (transferred) on Saturday May 18th. The new responsive web site was using a lot more cpu and memory on our old server. It was time to upgrade and we made the right choice... Wow! The new server is running great. Not sure if you notice it but we sure do. The site is loading a lot faster, emails going our quicker, tickets with images go out instantly, and much more. So we are very happy with this move and the new server is fantastic. 

The weird stuff: Yes we mentioned there may be some weirdness going on after a big move like this and we are fixing them. Nothing major to report. A member did catch something we did not and he brought it to our attention. During the move some of auto generated emails and news articles have this strange character added to the pages    In fact you can see an example of this below. This is the original message and those strange characters was not there before the move. So it's just little stuff going on. 

If you notice something please let us know. The ReliaStream site is a pretty big place and we may not see something. If you do let us know.


Original Message 

ALERT >> We need more power and we are about to get it. The ReliaStream web site is moving to it's own server. We have outgrown our current hosting server and it's time to make a move. This starts this weekend (Saturday May 18 2019). This will take some time to transfer everything to our new server so you can expect our web site to be down during the transfer process. Once the transfer is completed our tech team will have to tweak some things and then the site will be back on line. 

Please Note: It may take 24-48 hours your your ISP (internet service provider) to fully update our new DNS changes. If you are outside the USA it may take a little longer. Things will normalize but during the DNS update it could be a little weird. 

Our new ReliaStream web server features it's own (not shared) Xeon CPU, SSD drives x2, and daily backups. If you have any questions be sure to ask. This should not have any impact on our streaming radio servers so your stations should be fine. 

Thank you for your support and business

ReliaStream Team

Saturday, May 25, 2019

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