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SSL Secure Stream Link - Secure Your Radio Station!!

Add SSL To Your Radio Station

ReliaStream can provide you with an HTTPS address that you can use wherever you need to and link it to your existing streaming server. No need to change providers, just use the Secure Streams HTTPS address we will provide you with and it will link straight through to your existing stream.

Sign up, submit your current Listen Live stream URL and ReliaStream will provide you with an HTTPS address you can use on your website (or anywhere you need to provide a secure link), and we will automatically forward the HTTPS address to your existing stream.

If you are planning to broadcast your radio station on Amazon Alexa you will be required to submit a secure SSL link. Non SSL links on Amazon Alexa is not permitted and the app will be rejected. So order your ReliaStream SSL Secure Stream link today.

This service is also ideal if you regularly change streaming providers and would like to have one single URL to provide to platforms such as TuneIn, iTunes and other directories and not have to worry about updating your stream in multiple locations and potentially lose listeners.

Secure Transaction This order form is provided in a secure environment and to help protect against fraud your current IP address ( is being logged.