Web Radio Players are having issues playing SHOUTcast V1 radio stations. The reason for this is nothing here at ReliaStream. This is a web browser issue. Seems the web browser companies are making changes for security reasons. We use the web browser Opera and they updated their software about 2-3 days ago. That is around the same time SHOUTcast V1 web players started having issues. We also spoke with the Centova support team and they have confirmed the same thing. They sent the following back to us.

Thank you for contacting Centova Technologies.

Chrome, after Safari (and the rest of the browsers will probably follow as well, in the near future) has decided to stop supporting HTTP/0.9 over non-default ports, due to a security issue.

The protocol used by Shoutcast is a slightly modified version of the HTTP protocol, which is interpreted by browsers as HTTP/0.9 , because it does not match the newer HTTP standards.

So as Shoutcast v1 is interpreted by the browsers as HTTP/0.9 and as Chrome no longer supports HTTP/0.9 on any other ports other than port 80 , the best solution would be to switch from using Shoutcast v1 to the newer Shoutcast v2, but there is no way to do this automatically. Alternatively, both Chrome and Safari still support HTTP/0.9 , but only on port 80. So if you've enabled Centova Cast port 80 proxy for any of your stations, the web player from the start page can use the proxied stream and will work fine.

We have also been doing our own tests and this seems to be correct. We tested the Muses Web Radio Player with SHOUTcast V1 stations and we see a network error. When we test the Muses player with a SHOUTcast V2 station it plays fine. We also tried the port 80 web proxy link in Muses and that did not play for us. We are looking into that. The only web browser we found that still plays a SHOUTcast V1 station with a web radio player is Internet Explorer but from what we are reading that will also change.

We will update this announcement as new information comes in.
ReliaStream Team

UPDATE REPORT 12.17.2016 2:00 PM EST

Just received an update from Centova Cast. Their support team sent us this. So lets hope the latest software update for Centova Cast will fix this. We will update the Centova Cast software as soon as they release a stable version. 

Hello, thank you for your message.

There is a fix for this issue currently in our test branch, that should hit stable next week.

Please feel free to contact us again if you have further inquiries.


Centova Technologies Inc.

UPDATE REPORT 12.22.2016 7:00 AM EST

The ReliaStream server techs has updated all Centova Cast servers and are now running the latest version with the SHOUTcast v1 fix. We have been testing this out and getting feedback from our members. So far we have heard mixed results. Some members are reporting this new Centova Cast version fixed their problem. If you go to your servers start page and you are using the Muses player with SHOUTcast v1 it is now working and playing. Before there was a Network Error message. We also checked out a couple sites that use Muses players and they are working. So this has solved SOME of the issues. 

We are also getting reports from members saying their type of player is still not working. We are still gathering information and testing things. If you are running SHOUTcast v1 go to your start page and see if the Muses player is now working on your page. 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

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