Over a year ago we said if you want listeners then APPS is where you will find them. One of our long time broadcasters was kind enough to share some of their app data with all of us. The numbers are very impressive and it solidifies what we have been saying. If you take a look at their Amazon Fire TV stats you can clearly see they are hitting 600+ listeners a day. Some days they are hitting 800-900+ listeners per day and those numbers look very good for streaming radio.

Fire TV Radio Station Stats

Now let's take a look at their Roku radio station app. In 7 days this radio station had 934 new installs. This radio station has had 48,699 total apps installed on Roku users television sets. Only 281 of those 48,699 actually removed this radio stations app!! They average 229 listeners per day and they are listening on average for 162 minutes when they do tune in. Again these are pretty good numbers for a radio station that does NO advertising at all. 

Roku Radio Station Stats

ReliaStream will soon release the very trendy SMART TV app and this app is mainly for Samsung tv owners. We expect the results will be the same or maybe even better since some reports suggest a younger audience is purchasing Samsung products.

Monday, January 27, 2020

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