The ReliaStream Team has been hard at work. As many of you know we always do our best to give you the most up to date features and we LOVE when we can give you new features at no extra cost to you. With that said the first server to offer https/ ssl features is now active. Members on SERVER 10 now have access to a new secure Centova Cast panel. What new features do I get? See below.


New Server 10 Secure URL 

New Secure SSL web proxy links.. Yes these radio links are secure https/ ssl

Secure Centova Cast widgets (album covers must be secure if hosted offsite)


We have been working with our awesome test subject Arcade Radio who is on server 10. They have been great and we thank them for the help.  They have allowed us to show you their secure radio links so you can see the new upgrades.

Arcade Radio Secure Radio Link MP3: 

Arcade Radio Secure Radio Link AAC:


Your Questions & Our Answers


I read Google is no longer supporting http so will these new https links work on Google Chrome?

Yes the secure links should work with no issues. We also tested our Responsive Radio Player with secure link and that was also working.


Do these links work on the Responsive Radio Player? Have a look and see for yourself.. Keep in mind the album covers MUST also be secure to work properly. 

Arcade Radio Responsive Radio Player:


What about my original tune in links? I still want to use those links

Yes you can still use your original tune in links. You now have more options but your original links will still function. Now if Google or other locations stop allowing http streaming then these older links may not work over time. We do not have any control as to what Google, IE, Opera, and FireFox does with their web browsers. The secure links should fix this issue so we suggest using these new secure links in case one of your listeners is having an issue with your http links. 


Do I need to change my live broadcast settings now? 

Nope.. The only thing we did was add a new secure link for your Centova Cast panel. Your live broadcast settings do not change.


Will Centova Cast widgets work on my web site? 

If you log into your Centova Cast panel using the new secure link yes. Many of our members would like to use the Centova Cast widgets on their secure web site but Centova Cast widgets on the original url's would not work due to them not being https. If you are on server 10 you now have secure https Centova Cast widgets.  Keep in mind all elements must be secure for this to work. If you host your album covers at a different location those covers need to be secure to work with these widgets.


Do I simply add an S in my current tune in link from http to https to get this working? 

No your secure link is a secure web proxy link so it's different. You can still use your current links but if you find that link is no longer working on a web browser or other location chances are you need to use the new secure link. Log into your Centova Cast server using the new secure link provided (only server 10 at this time) and click on Quick Links. You will now see a new section of tune in links called Secure Proxy Links. Use the link that is matched to your server type (SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2, or IceCast). Arcade Radio is using IceCast so they use the IceCast secure web proxy link. They also have two mount points. The first mount is AAC+ so they used the link below as it is shown. They also have a second mount running MP3 and all they had to do was change the /stream to their second mount point name /stream2. So if you have multiple mounts just change /stream to your mount point names.


New Secure Tune In Links


So I can still log into my Centova Cast server using the other links? 

Yes if you prefer to use the same URL you have always used you can do that. If you are on server 10 you now have three ways you can log into your server. If you want to use the new secure radio link for your web site or the secure Centova Cast widgets you will need to use the secure https link below (Link # 3).

Link 1:

Link 2:

Link 3 (Secure):


Sunday, February 23, 2020

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