If you are looking for a way to stream in a secure manner AND bypass corporate firewalls (like port 80) ReliaStream may have what you are looking for. Our new Port 443 Secure Link was just added to our long list of available items. Since this link is secure your listeners should not have any issues listening to your station with Google Chrome or other restrictive web browsers.

We also tested the Port 443 Secure Link on the Responsive Radio Player and it works great! So if you are looking for a way to get your station secure, bypass corporate firewalls, and a secure link that works with the Responsive Radio Player this is the way to go!!

Port 443 Secure Link:   CLICK HERE

Responsive Radio Player:  CLICK HERE


We also tested  Port 443 in conjunction with the Responsive Radio player on Android and iPhone.. Seems to be running on both mobile platforms. We are still doing tests but so far so good! 


Grab a Port 443 Secure Link and update your link on the TuneIn web site. We just received confirmation that our new Port 443 Secure Links will in fact run on the TuneIn web site with Google Chrome!!

See Hot Hitz Radio on TuneIn:  CLICK HERE


If you need a fast way to get your radio station secure this is the best solution. The Port 443 Secure Link creates a new link for your radio station. You can still use your non-secure links as this does not override your original links. 

Saturday, February 29, 2020

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