We have seen a huge (and we mean HUGE) jump with regards to our new Port 443 Secure Link. We have also received a lot of support tickets, phone calls, and emails about this new item and what it can do for your radio station(s). We have been testing things and asking members to report back their findings as to how well Port 443 Secure Links works. 


This link is 100% secure so it will work on Google Chrome

This link functions on port 443 (just like port 80) so it will bypass corporate firewalls so people at work can tune in behind a company firewall

This link works on the TuneIN web site.. Even when using Google Chrome! 

Port 443 Secure Link will work with the free Muses Radio Player

Port 443 Secure Link works with our Responsive Radio Player

This link works with the standard audio player code on your website and it's secure


We asked ReliaStream members to test this link in other places and report back to us. Here are other platforms they said this works on.

Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Smart TV, Sonos, Alexa, Android, iPhone, iPads 


Port 443 Secure Link has quickly become ReliaStream's hottest selling item and will probably remain that way for weeks to come. If you would like more details about our new Port 443 Secure Link please visit the link below. You do not have to be a ReliaStream broadcaster to purchase this item. 

Port 443 Secure Link: https://www.reliastream.com/port443.php

Friday, March 13, 2020

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