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ReliaStream: Introduction 
We have quickly become one of the leaders in low cost high bandwidth audio and video hosting. Host your web site, radio station, or service in our facilities to leverage networks built for streaming services. ReliaStream only uses powerful dedicated 1000 mbps (1 gbps each) servers in Dallas Texas, Seattle Washington, Washington DC, Salt Lake City Utah, and London for maximum coverage. We also offer some of the most reliable servers on the web. Our radio plans have saved some of our clients thousands of dollars every year without any loss of quality. In many cases our broadcasters have reported much better results when they switched to ReliaStream.


ReliaStream: Salt Lake City Utah
Data Center Description: Tier 3 data centers are SAS70 Type II and SSAE16 certified and deliver the latest in cutting-edge technology and high tech specifications that provide advanced security coupled with maximum uptime and redundancy. These advanced data centers include N+1 generators each with multi-day fuel reserves. Each facility has advanced cooling features to provide an optimal ambient environment, and also include pre-action fire suppression with VESDA both above and under floor sensing. All locations are physically secured with two-factor authentication including a mix of full proximity security and biometric access and offer 24x7x365 NOC support.

Salt Lake City download test: Soon


ReliaStream: London
Data Center Description: Tier 2 data center in London has N+1 generators with multi-day fuel reserves. It is equipped with 14 105 kW DX CRAC units with outdoor condensers in an N+1 configuration. Our security includes full perimeter CCTV with PIR motion detection and a secure door entry system with event logging. This data center carries optical, ionization, heat detection sensors, to compliment the overhead and underfloor VESDA that comprise the fire protection system.

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ReliaStream: Quadranet Central & West USA

Location: Dallas, Texas or Los Angeles, California

Description: Our private space within Quadranet is built in the LA Telecom Center. Each of the Quadranet datacenter suites feature independently operated infrastructure including UPS Battery Backup Units, HVAC, and CRAC cooling and distribution routers.
Over 100 Gbit in transit
SAS70 Type II Audited
Routing optimized for Asia

Network & Facilities
100% Redundant Cisco Network
Secure Private VLAN per Customer
Dallas Data Center: 1 x 10GE Savvis, 1 x 10GE Global Crossing, 1 x 10GE Equnix, 1 x 10GE Level 3
Los Angelas, California: 1 x 10GE Savvis, 1 x 10GE nLayer, 1 x 10GE, 1 x 10GE TIScall, 1 x 10GE Highwindws, 1 x 10GE Xeex Peering, 1 x 10GE HiNet Taiwan Peering

Dallas, TX File download test: 100mb.bin
Dallas, TX Ping test:
Los Angeles, CA File download test: 100mb.bin
Los Angeles, CA Ping test:


ReliaStream: SoftLayer Data Centers

Location: Dallas, Texas, Seattle, Washington, or Washington, DC USA

Description: SoftLayer Facility, Geographically diverse PoP's provide seamless, direct, private, and high speed access to our backbone network, bringing connectivity closer to the end user. You may choose the SoftLayer POP location closest to your office or end users. High-speed metro-WAN services and cross connects from providers including Equinix and Telx are also available. Our network is built from best-in-class networking infrastructure, hardware, and software with exceptional bandwidth and connectivity for the highest speed and reliability.

SoftLayer's network seamlessly integrates three distinct and redundant gigabit network architectures-public, private, and data center-to-data center-into the industry's first network-within-a-network topology. This design provides you maximum accessibility, security, and control for your IT infrastructure.

Network & Facilities
100% Redundant Cisco Network
Dallas Data Center: Comcast, Equinix (Peering), Global Crossing, Internap, Level 3, NTT America, Savviss
Seattle Data Center: Comcast, Internat, Level 3, NTT America, Qwest
Washington DC Data Center: Comcast, Equinix (Peering), Internap, Level 3, NTT America

Dallas, TX File download test: 100mb.bin
Dallas, TX Ping test:
Seattle, WA File download test: 100mb.bin
Seattle, WA Ping test:
Washington, DC File download test: 100mb.bin
Washington, DC Ping test:
Amsterdam, Netherlands File download test: 100mb.bin
Amsterdam, Netherlands Ping test:

Our Network
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • 19,000 Mbps Network
  • 19 Dedicated Servers
  • Powerful Dell Xeon Servers
  • Reliable Dedicated Servers
  • USA & Euro Servers
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I met ReliaStream and now I am a member of their family. Believe me, I searched a lot before picking my provider, and without a doubt I know I chose the best company on the market. When it comes to prices, support, and service they are fantastic

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