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globebutton   Our Network: ReliaStream only uses the best data centers who offer top tier premium bandwidth. Just take a look at our network page and you will see we only use the best. Our goal is to give you and your radio station the absolute best. ReliaStream can handle small, medium, large, and extra large stations. Check out our Company Network Info page.

serverbutton  Our Dedicated Servers: We have the most reliable dedicated servers out there! We also have coverage. ReliaStream has dedicated servers in New York, Texas, Utah, Washington, Canada, London, and Amsterdam. All of our servers are dedicated with top tier premium bandwidth. NO overcrowding servers at ReliaStream. Once a set amount of clients is reached we no longer place anyone else on that server.

alexa_button  New Amazon Alexa App: The Alexa App is a very popular item at ReliaStream. There are 20+ million Alexa users and radio broadcasters can tap into that with their very own Alexa streaming radio app. We know streaming radio and we know how to get your radio station on Amazon Alexa.

alexa_button  Get Secure With SSL: The demand for a secure SSL radio link is ever growing and ReliaStream has the solution. Many web browsers updated the way audio plays on a web site. Many browsers require your radio station audio to be secure. Alexa also requires your radio link to be secure. ReliaStream now offers SSL at an affordable rate.

centovabutton  Centova Cast V3 Software:Centova Cast v3 is the most popular streaming control panel. 99% of our streaming radio members use Centova Cast v3 software to broadcast through. Centova Cast v3 supports SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2, IceCast V2, and IceCast KH formats. ReliaStream always uses the latest versions of Centova Cast v3 for the best results.

autodjbutton  Advanced Auto Dj Software: The Centova Cast auto dj software gives you the ability to run your radio station on our servers. You can rest easy knowing your station will run 24/7 vs running on your pc. Some of our biggest clients only use the auto dj software. Some stations prefer to run in live mode and we leave that totally up to you.

controlpbutton  Easy Control Panel: The back end of Centova Cast (admin area) is very easy to navigate. Most of our clients get the hang of things by the end of the day. Centova's feature-rich software will have you broadcasting like a pro in no time. Keep an eye on your station with powerful radio stats, free radio links, start page, and much more.

listenmap_adv  Advanced Maps: ReliaStream also offers advanced listener maps to all Centova Cast clients for free!! This is something Centova Cast does not offer in its normal software. Many host providers simply give you the basic listener maps that are included with Centova Cast. You get the advanced maps at ReliaStrem.. and it's free.

confusedbutton  No Confusing Bills At ReliaStream: We inivte you to shop around and you will see how others try to get you with confusing payment plans. Some will actually bill you based on the bandwidth you use. This means you have to figure that out every month and that is flat out crazy. At ReliaStream you know what your going to pay every month. You will also discover our rates are the lowest.

supportbutton  Excellent Support At ReliaStream: Fast free help is a click away at ReliaStream. Our support ticket system is always free of any charges. Most support tickets are answered in 2 hours or less time. ReliaStream offers several departments for your support needs. If you require one of our support team members to contact you via phone we can do that. See the ReliaStream Extra's area for more details.

shoutcastbutton  Auto ShoutCast Listing: Once your station is up and running it will be listed on the ShoutCast Network with in 15-30 minutes. ShoutCast has millions of listeners on it's network everyday. You may also choose to keep your station private. Private stations are great for those who want to offer their stream to members only type situation. Syndicated shows also use private broadcasting.

paypal  Easy Payments Via PayPal: Payments are very easy at ReliaStream. We are a verified business PayPal member. You also have the option to pay month to month or set up auto payments. With PayPal you are able to use most major credit cards for quick and easy payments. Visit PayPal for more information.

seeksadmin_button  Dedicated Server Security & Monitoring: Linux Server Security, Server Updates & Patches Applied, Hacked Server Analysis & Recovery, Re-Secured Post Intrusion, Full Server Backup Restoration, Server Kernel Upgrades (grsecurity), Proactive Server Security, Continuous Server Log Monitoring, Server Migrations & Server Transfers. Our goal is to keep you running.

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  • Premium Top Teir Bandwidth
  • No Over Populated Servers
  • Powerful Dell Xeon Servers
  • USA Dedicated Servers
  • Canadian & Euro Servers
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I met ReliaStream and now I am a member of their family. Believe me, I searched a lot before picking my provider, and without a doubt I know I chose the best company on the market. When it comes to prices, support, and service they are fantastic

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