ReliaStream has been wonderful to work with. We are getting some help from one of the owners so this has been a great experience. We are taking full advantage of the new centova 3 fetures. We have 2 auto dj streams running off one account. We decided to go with a high bandwidth mp3 stream and a lower bandwidth aac+ stream. They was very helpful with the album cover issues. Our type of music really does not have album art so we had to do a lot of custom work on this and ReliaStream helped guide us with that. So far it's working perfect. We want to thank the staff for all the help and support.

Arcade Radio

If you search around the web, you will find many companies offering services for your radio station. We knew right away this was a good decision to go with Reliastream as the customer service was far beyond what we have seen. They all have been great in answering any questions we've had. In case your wondering about the server end? No need to worry! Your station will be running without an issue. The rockXradio station is running smooth. We are very happy with the results and quality that we are receiving from Reliastream. Thanks Guys!!! Adam /


Reliastream is undoubtedly the best server I have used. It allows me to see the number of listeners, all the pertinent information relating to the streaming technology and it also gives me valuable information about where, when, and who is listening at a given time. It shows a wealth of information about my audience. The auto dj behind the scenes also provides songs automatically if our modem or live broadcast fails. It's a perfect system for all my streaming needs.