Get past corporate firewalls.. More listeners!

A few years ago, Radio Stations were looking for ways of broadcasting over port 80, this allowed them to bypass firewalls and other filtering so that more listeners could access their stations. This was typically because live audio streams were over non-standard ports, typically in the port 8000 range.

Some streaming providers were able to offer port 80 proxying to stations so that their streams could be used in offices and other locations that were behind firewalls that would block any non-standard port.

Now, as more and more browsers are penalizing non secure sites, we’re now happy to offer port 443 streaming to users not only for our own streaming servers, but also for ANY existing streaming servers.

Port 443 streams mean that your audio stream will be future-proof and available to a larger number of networks and browsers that are penalizing non-SSL sites. You do NOT have to change your streaming provider, we can provide you with a port 443 stream that will forward to your existing streaming server and allow you to serve content over a secure, SSL, port 443.

When you sign up, you just need to enter your existing streaming server information (the destination server) and we’ll provide you with a secure HTTPS URL that is over port 443 which means that your stream is not only secure, but is also over port 443, which means that it will be available to more listeners that may otherwise have non-standard ports blocked and therefore not able to listen to your stream.

Another great feature of our port 443 service is that once you sign up, you will be assigned a secure URL over port 443 which will never change, even if you change your streaming provider, that means you’ll never have to worry about updating your stream URLs every time you change your streaming provider, just log into our control panel and update the stream there and your port 443 stream will automatically point to your new streaming provider.

So far so good! We have tested the new Port 443 secure link on Android mobile and Apple mobile and they seem to be working just fine. Try the sample links below and see if they are working for you. We also tested Port 443 on the Responsive Radio Player (embedded player or pop-up player) and again it's working great! As you can see below Port 443 also works with the standard audio player code as well.

Try Sample Port 443 Station

Hot Hitz 80's Port 443

Try Sample Port 443 Pop-Up Player

Try Hot Hitz 80's On TuneIN

Hot Hitz 80's TuneIN

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PORT 443 Secure Link $14.95 USD Per Month Per Station