Centova Cast Control Panel

Centova Cast Control Panel

All of our streaming server plans come with Centova Cast

Centova Cast is the leader

Centova Cast is the leading management solution for Internet radio streams, providing extensive insight and control to online broadcasters. Whether you're a radio newbie or a seasoned streaming professional, Centova Cast makes it easy to configure your stream. In addition to providing total control over your streaming server, Centova Cast also provides you with a free autoDJ system. You can stream live with your pc, use Centova Cast autoDJ, or both!

Centova Cast Features

Centova Cast allows you to easily:

  • Upload your MP3 media files directly to the server via FTP and schedule their media using Centova Cast's advanced playlist scheduling system.
  • Centova Cast's media library offers a familiar, desktop-style drag and drop media management interface.
  • Centova Cast supports multiple playlists for each stream, which can be scheduled to play media at certain times or according to specific criteria.
  • Centova Cast provides widgets that station owners can embed in their own web pages, or may use through the Stream Start Page.
  • Centova Cast offers the most comprehensive radio station statistics commercially available today.
  • Centova Cast provides monthly, downloadable spreadsheets containing the complete list of songs you've played on your stream in the past month,

Apps, Apps, & More Apps

Apps, Apps, & More Apps

Getting your station on radio listing web sites is not enough!!

If your radio station is lacking.. You need apps

If you thought just getting listed on some radio listing web site was the key to your stations success.. YOUR WRONG! If you want your station to succeed then you need to stay up to date and go where the listeners are going. More and more people are turning to Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Alexa, and other mobile devices when listening to their favorite radio stations. One of our Roku streaming clients said the results was outstanding. They had over 10,000 app downloads in the first 30 days. So we say apps, apps, & more apps!

ReliaStream's Hottest Apps

  • There's 46 million people using Roku.. Are you streaming on Roku?
  • Our Amazon Fire TV app gives your station access to 71 million users.
  • A quarter of US households own a smart speaker like Alexa. 90% of them listen to music.

Resellers, Power Packs, & Dedicated!

Resellers, Power Packs, & Dedicated!

One of our best features is we give our members the ability to grow and expand their radio station beyond our regular streaming plans. If you find your station is growing at a rapid pace, you want to add more stations, or your station is reaching 5000+ listeners then it's time to upgrade. If you are looking to start your own streaming company or you need a dedicated streaming server we have what you are looking for!

Flexibility is key in this industry..

  • Reseller servers are unbranded. They feature 4 or 8 core Xeon cpu's and premium bandwidth.
  • Power Packs are very popular & a ReliaStream exclusive. Get more control over your stations
  • Maybe you do not like to share.. Then a streaming dedicated server is for you!
See why our customer's love us!

Updated 02.20.2024: Your new max servers have been rock solid for us. Our tv app numbers have exceeded our expectations and the numbers are fantastic! As of 02.20.2024 we have 233,745 Roku app downloads. We now average 1700-1900 new downloads/listeners every week on Roku! Our FireTV app just passed 313,000 app downloads. Alexa has over 13,000 this year, and the new Vidaa tv app is sitting at 349,977 downloads.. Wow!

Rockin Rob

Great services, reliable streams, great prices, and amazing customer service. The folks at Reliastream are the best, always willing to help out, and as a totally blind user, and some parts of Centova not being very easy to use with a screen reader, often they have gone above and beyond what would be included in typical support cases, but they have been willing to do whatever it takes to help me solve any problem I may have. I am 100% satisfied and whole heartedly recommend Reliastream to anyone looking for stream hosting or anything else related to online radio. These guys are true pros.

Justin H

ReliaStream has been fantastic! Google stopped supporting http and our radio station stopped working on Chrome. This was not good but these guys found a solution and not only does our radio station work on Chrome but also Apple iPhone again with ReliaStreams html 5 player! No expensive app needed. Your team rocks and we thank you for everything you have done.

Arcade Radio


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Why choose ReliaStream?

We have been helping broadcasters since 2008

ReliaStream is well known across the web and we have done very little advertising. Our clients speak for us and word of mouth is key in this industry. We cater small broadcasters all the way up to major market broadcasters who require their own dedicated servers and custom needs.

We're passionate about streaming radio!

We LOVE broadcasting! Your ReliaStream team members are current (or former) broadcasters on FM/AM radio. Some team members are former music directors, program directors, as well as on air dj's.

Top tier data centers with premium bandwidth

ReliaStream has been around long enough to know what data centers offer the absolute best when it comes to servers, bandwidth, and uptime. All very important features when it comes to streaming radio.

We offer the latest apps, players, & tools for radio

Getting your station listed on SHOUTcast or IceCast is simply not enough these days. It's obsolete at best. Apps is where it's at now. One of our clients reported over 94,000 Roku app downloads and hundreds more every week! If you want success then you want your station on Roku, Alexa, Fire TV, and mobile. We made it easy to set up your very own app(s).