Team ReliaStream has been very busy the past several weeks. We have been working on the web site and you may notice some new products, new images, and some changes. If you are not seeing these changes to our web site be sure to clear the cache for our web site or try holding SHIFT key and press refresh. We still have some work to do on the web site but things are coming along pretty good. Below you will find all the things that are happening here at ReliaStream. Some of these are new and some things we are getting rid of. See below.

ReliaStream's Summer Sale: Our HUGE Summer Sale is a hit! So far we have had a little over 75 members use coupons from our Summer Sale. It may not sound like a lot but we are very pleased with the results. Anytime we can save you some money we do. So be sure to check out our Huge Summer Sale page for all the details. We have coupons for radio plans, Power Packs, and Reseller Servers. CLICK HERE

Available Now: Over the past year we have had members asking us for SSL Secure Links for their radio servers. This is something Centova Cast does not currently offer so we had to figure out a way around this. At first we found ways for one format but not the other and this way but not that way. It was a bit of a mess. We are happy to report we now have a solution for ALL formats (SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2, IceCast v2, and IceCast KH). SSL Secure Links are now available at ReliaStream.

Available Now: The Amazon Alexa App is a brand new product here at ReliaStream. This could very well be an untapped place for your radio station. So far we have built a few apps and they are working very well. We have tested these apps for many hours and they work, stream, and sound great! Especially when you link them to a Bluetooth Denon receiver. Then the stations sounds great! There are no set up fees and no design fees. There is a monthly fee to host the app. Amazon also requires the stream link to be secure so you must have an SSL radio link in order for Amazon to approve your app. Some of you may already have an SSL Secure Link and that is why we kept the two items separate.     

Available Now: Bundle Packs are one of our newest items. These packs are great if you are looking for a radio plan with other new and exciting products already included with your radio plan. These bundles come with your radio server, custom username, 1000 listener slots, responsive radio player, SSL Secure Link, and the Amazon Alexa app. You get all of that for one reduced price. We urge anyone to check these out. If you already have a radio server with us and would like to upgrade to a bundle pack be sure to contact our support team.

New USA Reseller Server: Reseller plans have been one of our hottest items this summer. They are so hot right now we have to add more dedicated servers to keep up with the demand! That's a good thing though. With that said our new Dallas Texas reseller server is active. This reseller server features SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2, and the new IceCast KH10. The other USA reseller servers offer Icecast v2 so this will be an excellent addition for resellers to offer a new type of IceCast. This server also has Liquid Soap installed for those who use the Centova Cast auto dj. The server has only be active one day (as of 07.24.2018) and we already have members signing up!!  

New Contact Us Form: We have completely redesigned the contact us form on our web site. If you need to contact the ReliaStream Team without being logged into your member account then be sure to use the contact us form. You can find this under our main menu HOME button and at the bottom of the main web site page.

New Manual Credit Card Form: If your credit card is not getting approved during the automatic processing method this may help you. We now have a secure SSL manual credit card form you can fill out. The details will be located in the failed payment email we send out to you. This is another way we can try to help you get your payment through and your invoice paid. 

Say Goodbye to WHMSonic: If anyone tries to hold on to something it's us. We started out with 3 dedicated WHMSonic servers back in the day. It was not uncommon for us to have 75-90 clients on each of these servers. Over the years these numbers have dropped in a big way. We could see what was happening BUT we held onto one WHMSonic server just in case things would change. Things have in fact changed but not for the better. ReliaStream has been losing money on this server for over a year. This server is costing us more money then the remaining 12 clients are paying us. This is a server that can handle 120+ clients. So it's with sad news our remaining WHMSonic server will end on 08-17-2018. As for the 12 remaining members.. We moved them over to Centova Cast and hooked them up with some very nice upgrades for life at no extra cost.

Affiliate Program Ends: We have decided to end the affiliate program here at ReliaStream. We do not have much support for this so it's time to move to bigger and better things. We will end the affiliate program on 09-01.2018. Members that have funds on their affiliate account will still be able to access and use those funds when they are ready to use them or until those funds run down to $0.

We love talking to our members. We read all of your suggestions and comments. Some members call us with questions and comments. If you have a suggestion or comment you can certainly submit a ticket to us, use the contact us form, or call us.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

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