SHOUTcast v2.6 is here! The brand new microcloud server (server 5) is now active and ready for broadcasters. Server 5 is the first server to feature the latest SHOUTcast v2.6. We have had requests from our members as well as potential clients to please offer the newer SHOUTcast v2.6. We are very happy to bring this server to you. This server is based in Salt Lake City Utah so you know this will deliver fantastic results.  Server 5 is also the first of our servers to offer Liquid Soap as the default auto dj software.


The New USA Server 5
Location: Salt Lake City
Server Type: MicroCloud Server
Control Panel: Centova Cast
Auto DJ Software: Liquid Soap (IceCast KH and SHOUTcast v2.6)
Software: SHOUTcast V2.6, SHOUTcast v1, IceCast KH


ReliaStream will soon be revamping it's entire network to MicroCloud based dedicated servers. The first of these new dedicated servers will feature the latest SHOUTcast v2.6+ software. A few members have been requesting that we offer the latest SHOUTcast v2.6+ software in order to monetize and or get listed on the SHOUTcast directory.  This option will come in the form of a new dedicated server. Members who want to use SHOUTcast v2.6+ will be required to relocate to this new server in order to use this software.  

Some ReliaStream servers  will be replaced with new MicroCloud based servers and upgraded to SHOUTcast v2.6+ between now and January 2020. We will notify members if and when a server is about to be upgraded OR replaced and upgraded. 

More news and details very soon




Saturday, August 24, 2019

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