ReliaStream members using the Liquid Soap auto dj software are now able to see extra features. We recently updated the software to the latest version and we opened up the advanced features. This means more auto dj control options for you!! If your server features the Liquid Soap auto dj software you should be able to access added crossfade options as well as advanced options within the Liquid Soap auto dj software. This will allow you to fine tune your built in auto dj settings. We feel Liquid Soap is the best option if you plan to use the built in auto dj software on your Centova Cast server. This gives you more control over the standard sctrans2 or ices-cc software that was offered with your IceCast or SHOUTcast v2 plan.  All new orders for IceCast come with Liquid Soap auto dj software pre-installed. Some SHOUTcast v2 locations already have Liquid Soap auto dj software added. 

If you are using an IceCast server you will be able to stream AAC, MP3, and OGG/OPUS formats. You will also see advanced options if you are using the AAC format which can further enhance your streaming radio station.  See below 


Liquid Soap Auto DJ Software


To see what type of auto dj software you currently have simply log into your Centova Cast server. In the configuration area click on Settings. Now you want to click on the AutoDJ tab and look for Source Software: and this will show you which auto dj software  you are using. Liquid Soap can be used with IceCast v2, IceCast KH, and SHOUTcast v2. Liquid Soap auto dj software is not supported on SHOUTcast v1. 

Monday, February 10, 2020

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