Members on Canada servers and US Server 1 in Dallas Texas will be getting an upgrade very soon. The ReliaStream Team and Centova Cast have completed the https secure web proxy link tests on Server 10. This upgrade will allow our broadcasters to add a new secure https proxy link to their web site which is fully secure and that means this link should work on Google Chrome.

We also tested the new secure proxy links on Android and Apple iPhone and they worked during our testing. 

Secure proxy links work with the responsive radio player. Tested embedded player as well as pop-up player and both remained secure.

We tested with the standard audio player code and that player had no issues playing the Centova Cast secure proxy links. 

Once the secure proxy links are ready we will update members broadcasting on our Canada servers and US Server 1 Dallas Texas.  This upgrade is not a load it and done upgrade. We have to go in and update every account on these servers. This will have no impact on your current tune in links! Secure proxy links are different links that offer you a free way to have a secure radio player/ link on your web site that will work with Google Chrome and other browsers that block standard http links.

Again this new feature is not going to cost you any extra money.. We are giving you this at NO extra charge. You will be able to view these links within your Centova cast panel when completed.


If you would like to see how Centova secure proxy links work you can try the sample links below.

Arcade Radio Secure Radio Link MP3: 

Arcade Radio Secure Radio Link AAC:


Here is the responsive radio player using these same links and it's fully secure

Arcade Radio Player:  CLICK HERE


ReliaStream Team 

Saturday, February 29, 2020

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