ReliaStream Summer Sale.. Starts June 15th & ends July 15th 

We are very excited about this sale event. It will be our first sale since covid-19 started and it's a huge one!! We will be offering discounts up to 50% off on our regular streaming plans. We will also offer savings on Power Pack and Reseller plans as well as extra hard drive space. So if your radio server could use some extra hard drive space be sure to grab it during our huge summer sale. Also included in this summer sale event are the Super IceCast Deals.. That's savings on top of savings if you are looking for great deals on an IceCast server. Simply use the SUMMER-USA coupon to get a 50% off discount on the Super IceCast Deals.   

ReliaStream Summer Sale 2021

Summer Sale 2021 Deals                  Coupon

USA Radio Plans 50% OFF                SUMMER-USA

CANADA Radio Plans 50% OFF         SUMMER-CANADA

LONDON Radio Plans 50% OFF         SUMMER-LONDON

Extra Hard Drive Space 50% OFF     SUMMER-HD

Power Pack Plans $5 OFF                  POWER5

Reseller Plans $10 OFF                      RESELLER10


As always these deals are for new orders only. Anyone can take advantage of these summer deals but this summer sale is for new orders only. You must purchase a new plan and use the coupon in order to take advantage of these savings. Sorry.. these deals do not apply to current active radio plans. Your discount never ends!! There are no strings attached. You will receive up to 50% off as long as you keep your plan active. Discount ends when your plan is cancelled or terminated.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

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