NEW APPS: Your radio station on Samsung and Apple TV's

  • Sunday, 16th May, 2021
  • 07:58am

It's a trend that's not going to change anytime soon!!

Over the last 10+ years we often get asked the same question.. How do we get listeners to our station? We would typically say get listed on Shoutcast or iTunes and if you have a good format the listeners will come. This has changed over the last several years. The new answer is not always simple but one known fact you can count on is TV apps. This is a trend that is not going to change anytime soon. Broadcasters are quickly starting to realize there are not many radio stations on these apps and the ones that do get on TV apps seem to do very well.

There are more and more offerings today and you want to take that into consideration. What age groups are using that TV app device? It seems the older folks love Roku so these generational radio stations (60's, 70's, 80's, 90's) stations seem to do very well on Roku. So with that said we wanted to introduce two new TV apps that may appeal to different genre's and give your radio station the listener boost you been looking for...


Samsung Smart TV: This has been in the works for a while but covid-19 hit and Samsung put a freeze on adding apps. It was taking months to get an app up on their store. This has since been resolved and we will start offering Samsung TV apps very soon. 

Apple TV: This one is brand new and we are very excited to see how well Apple users respond to our radio station TV apps on the App Store. The one thing we noticed with Apple TV is they require some HUGE logo and splash screen images and if they do not look great they will not approve your app. So if you are thinking about getting on Apple TV be ready to supply some huge high quality images. Image sizes like 4640x1440 px, 3840x2160 px, 3840x1440 px, and 2560x1536 px.       

We will be adding these apps to our web site very soon.   

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