Centova Cast Software Update

  • Tuesday, 3rd August, 2021
  • 07:00am

We will be upgrading all the Centova Cast panels over the next few weeks. We will upgrade one server at a time and then post an article on each server and update this news article as servers are completed.

ReliaStream Servers with 3.2.15 upgrade applied

Canada Server

Server S3

Server S9 

London EU1

Reseller USA 2

Server 10 


Version 3.2.15 Features:

  • Added Shoutcast and Icecast TLS support
  • Added support for TLS stream proxying
  • Added set_secure script to automate setup of web ports, Let's Encrypt, SSL, and stream proxying.
  • Added --secure to installer to automate setup of web ports, Let's Encrypt, SSL, and stream proxying
  • Added Shoutcast Premium key entry support
  • Added new modern HTML5 audio player


  • Client source configurations are automatically updated on source startup after source upgrades
  • Increased default connection limits
  • Increased default cc-control worker limits
  • Changed cookies to use samesite policies
  • Changed references to SHOUTcast to Shoutcast
  • Improved UI for enabling SMTP TLS/SSL support
  • Updated stream proxy to allow proxying resources other than audio streams
  • Updated stream proxy to be compatible with Shoutcast v1 streams
  • Update locales and build numbers for build
  • Be more accommodating of improper IceCast configurations
  • Correct Shoutcast licenceid directive
  • Improve update script
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