Our longtime ReliaStream members know how it works here at ReliaStream. Once a server hits that 10 year mark we retire that server. Servers that cross that 10 year mark are subject to issues or failures and nobody wants that.. especially us! Not to mention the obvious.. Our new MAX servers will outperform a 10 year old server by a long shot. Would you rather have a 10 year old pc or a brand new pc? It's the same for dedicated servers.

We currently have two dedicated servers that have passed that 10 year mark. We also have another two that are nearing that 10 year mark. ReliaStream will shutting two of these servers down July 17th 2022. Members on these two servers will be directly notified by our support team in the coming days. Our new MAX servers are state of the art and feature all of the latest components. More power, way more performance, solid state drives, 32-64GB of ram, and premium bandwidth (as always). 

ReliaStream Team

Saturday, June 11, 2022

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