ReliaStream Holiday Deals

We are kicking off the holidays a little different this year. The last couple years have not been the best years for most of us and we wanted to do something different. This year we are having one big sale during the entire holiday season (From Halloween to New Years 2023). You will have to keep watching and checking our website for the latest offerings. We plan to add new deals throughout the entire holiday season so expect to see some really good deals the next couple months. Once we reach 2023 these deals will be over. You will have plenty of time to snag some totally excellent deals and as always your holiday deal rates will not change or go up as long as you keep these plans active. The Holiday Deals event is for NEW ORDERS ONLY. You must purchase a new plan/ item in order to take advantage of these holiday deals. Current ReliaStream members are always welcome to purchase any of our sale items but this is for a new item purchase or upgrade purchase only (upgrades based on monthly rate increase). Downgrades would require members to purchase a new plan.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

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