We started the process of replacing older servers in our network back in 2022. This year (2023) will be a busy year for team ReliaStream. We currently have several servers that are slotted for replacement. Once a server hit's the 7+ year mark we are looking to replace it. Some of these servers are beyond that mark so it's time to replace those servers with brand new state of the art dedicated servers. Our new MAX line of servers have all the latest and greatest features which include brand new Xeon cpu's that are 3-4x more power then the current cpu's. They also feature 64GB of ddr4 ram vs the old servers (16GB ddr3 ram). The hard drives are a huge upgrade. The old servers are using the good ole mechanical hard drives (slow). The new MAX servers feature the latest NMVe solid state drives and they are fast.

We plan to continue upgrading our network and giving our members the best servers and service we can.  

Currently Upgrading Server S1 to the MAX! 
Currently Upgrading Server S2 to the MAX!
Coming Soon Server S10 

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

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