Very Busy Summer.. New Additions & Some Changes

Team ReliaStream has been very busy the past several weeks. We have been working on the web site and you may notice some new products, new images, and some changes. If you are not seeing these changes to our web site be sure to clear the cache for our web site or try holding SHIFT key and press refresh. We still have some work to do on the web ... Read More »

22nd Jul 2018

ReliaStream now offers secure streaming solutions for your radio station(s). This new service can be used with your ReliaStream radio server or another provider. That's right you do not have to have your streaming radio server with ReliaStream to use this service. Our service provides a way to use our secure, HTTPS platform alongside your existing ... Read More »

5th Jul 2018
IceCast KH Software Upgraded to KH-10

The ReliaStream Tech Team has upgraded your IceCast KH server software to KH-10. This version of IceCast KH now supports the newer Apple iOS 11 software. Some clients reported their stations stopped streaming once Apple updated to their iOS 11 software. IceCast has fixed this issue. In order to get your IceCast server to IceCast KH-10 you will ... Read More »

3rd Jul 2018
Credit Card Payment Not Working?

Credit Card Payment Not Working? This is for our current members.. If your credit card does not seem to be going through try entering the card details again and then make your payment. This seems to be working with anyone that has a credit card that is not getting approved. Issue seems to be random. Most members are having no issues but some ... Read More »

15th May 2018
New Power Pack Upgrades!

ReliaStream now offers Power Pack upgrades for extra listener slots and extra hard drive space. Many of our Power Pack members have suggested and requested some for of upgrade for their Power Pack plan. The two most common upgrade requests are for more listeners and more hard drive space. We have now added these to the Power Pack items page. Power ... Read More »

14th May 2018
Working on the ReliaStream web site.. A lot of internal readiness

Hello ReliaStream members.. The last two weeks have not been fun around here but we always get through it. We want to thank all of you for putting up with the issues on the web hosting server. Most of you did not even notice the issues but if you had a web hosting account it had a huge impact (and still does). This even had the ReliaStream web ... Read More »

1st May 2018

UPDATE 04-19-2018Minor Delay: We are putting the finishing touches on our new ReliaStream app products. We need a little more time to finish things up. Apps will be available within the next 14 days. It will be worth the wait.Price Update: Lower then expected rates are coming. We projected $25 to $30 a month for both Android & iPhone apps. We ... Read More »

19th Apr 2018
NOW ACTIVE: New Texas Server With SHOUTcast & IceCast V2

NOW ACTIVE! Hello ReliaStream members. We have some fantastic news for you. There is a new Dallas Texas server here at ReliaStream. This server features SHOUTcast v1 and SHOUTcast v2 as all of our servers do. This server also features IceCast v2 (Not KH) like most of our servers. This is awesome news for broadcasters who prefer to stream ... Read More »

12th Feb 2018
2017: ReliaStream's BIGGEST Year.. We Thank You

We always give credit where credit is due here at ReliaStream. The credit goes out to YOU! 2017 was a huge year for ReliaStream. October, November, and December being our biggest selling months and our holiday sales was the reason for it. Over 600 sales in those three months and almost all of those purchases used our holiday coupons. Our sales ... Read More »

13th Jan 2018
HAPPY NEW YEAR.. Here Comes 2018!!

All of the members at ReliaStream would like to wish you a Happy New Year. We hope 2018 is going to be a wonderful year for all of us :-)

Team ReliaStream

31st Dec 2017