We Are Selling A Lot Of Apps Right Now!!

We made the announcement a while back that radio apps were coming soon. We now know many of our members were eagerly waiting for these to be released. We have sold a lot of apps and almost all of them have been the You Build It type. It's pretty basic and really not that hard to do and if you have questions we are always here to help ... Read More »

9th May 2019
Add Funds Option Is Back

Now that the old billing software has been updated we wanted to get some of the old features back up and running. One of those features is the Add Funds options. Some members loved being able to apply funds to their ReliaStream account but had issues getting this through. You should be able to apply funds to your account now.  Happy Broadcasting ... Read More »

21st Apr 2019

Update 04.17.2019  08:45 AM EST We had a very busy day yesterday as many of your know. New site, billing upgraded to latest version, PayPal payment module upgrade, and a lot more upgrades have been completed. Only thing left are things we could not do until the new site was active. We will be doing tweaks to the site over the next few days (as ... Read More »

17th Apr 2019

We have been working hard on the new ReliaStream web site. We should have this new site done in 2 weeks time and it's looking and running great! We have a couple of sneak peek pics for you. Just to give you an idea what we are doing. We will be launching all new pages for mobile, Roku, Alexa, and Amazon Fire TV apps. Yes they will be available the ... Read More »

28th Mar 2019
Centova Cast Updates 02.24.2019 **Server Reboot Required**

The ReliaStream tech team will be updating the Centova Cast software on ALL streaming servers. The new version of Centova Cast has some upgrades and bug fixes so it's time to update the Centova Cast version on all of our streaming servers. Once the software is updated a server reboot is required. Your radio station(s) will not function nor will ... Read More »

23rd Feb 2019

HUGE SUMMER SALE.. Ended August 31st!! This was the longest running sale we had ever done and it was a big hit with members and new members. We had several members who used the coupons to sign up for 5, 10, and more radio accounts. Now they are getting 50% off the normal rate for as long as they own the accounts. Not a bad deal for them. We want ... Read More »

1st Sep 2018
Order Your Amazon Alexa App.. Be Heard!

AMAZON ALEXA APPS.. If you are looking for a great place to BE HEARD then our Amazon Alexa stremaing radio app could be the place for you and your station. There are millions of Alexa enabled Amazon Echo devices out there (over 20 million in 2017 and growing), getting in on the action early and making your Radio Station available to all of ... Read More »

17th Aug 2018
New Dallas Texas Reseller Server Available Now!

NEW USA RESELLER SERVER.. Members are already signing up! It was time to expand our ReliaStream reseller program. Many of our members are finding it is more cost effective to grab a reseller server and gain a lot more control over your radio stations or radio network. Some of our members sell server space to others to pay for their own stations. ... Read More »

24th Jul 2018
Very Busy Summer.. New Additions & Some Changes

Team ReliaStream has been very busy the past several weeks. We have been working on the web site and you may notice some new products, new images, and some changes. If you are not seeing these changes to our web site be sure to clear the cache for our web site or try holding SHIFT key and press refresh. We still have some work to do on the web ... Read More »

22nd Jul 2018

ReliaStream now offers secure streaming solutions for your radio station(s). This new service can be used with your ReliaStream radio server or another provider. That's right you do not have to have your streaming radio server with ReliaStream to use this service. Our service provides a way to use our secure, HTTPS platform alongside your existing ... Read More »

5th Jul 2018