The Hottest Selling Item Right Now.. Port 443 Secure Link

We have seen a huge (and we mean HUGE) jump with regards to our new Port 443 Secure Link. We have also received a lot of support tickets, phone calls, and emails about this new item and what it can do for your radio station(s). We have been testing things and asking members to report back their findings as to how well Port 443 Secure Links ... Read More »

13th Mar 2020
Canada Server 1 Secure Upgrade Completed

ReliaStream is happy to announce this server (Canada Server 1) is now fully secure. Your radio server now features secure proxy links radio links at no extra charge to you. The Centova Cast panel, widgets, and the new Secure Proxy Links on this server are secure. We had to update each radio account manually for this to start working. You will want ... Read More »

1st Mar 2020
NEW: Secure Port 443 Radio Link (Works with TuneIn & Chrome)

If you are looking for a way to stream in a secure manner AND bypass corporate firewalls (like port 80) ReliaStream may have what you are looking for. Our new Port 443 Secure Link was just added to our long list of available items. Since this link is secure your listeners should not have any issues listening to your station with Google Chrome or ... Read More »

29th Feb 2020
SOON: Centova Secure HTTPS Proxy Links (Canada & Server 1)

  Members on Canada servers and US Server 1 in Dallas Texas will be getting an upgrade very soon. The ReliaStream Team and Centova Cast have completed the https secure web proxy link tests on Server 10. This upgrade will allow our broadcasters to add a new secure https proxy link to their web site which is fully secure and that means this ... Read More »

29th Feb 2020
Server 10 Upgrade: Secure SSL HTTPS now active

The ReliaStream Team has been hard at work. As many of you know we always do our best to give you the most up to date features and we LOVE when we can give you new features at no extra cost to you. With that said the first server to offer https/ ssl features is now active. Members on SERVER 10 now have access to a new secure Centova Cast panel. ... Read More »

23rd Feb 2020
Liquid Soap Auto DJ Added Options

ReliaStream members using the Liquid Soap auto dj software are now able to see extra features. We recently updated the software to the latest version and we opened up the advanced features. This means more auto dj control options for you!! If your server features the Liquid Soap auto dj software you should be able to access added crossfade options ... Read More »

10th Feb 2020
Today's Topic: Centova Cast Intro & Fallback Files.. Use With Caution!

The ReliaStream team has been very busy with all the changes and restrictions with the new SHOUTcast ver 2.6. We have been helping each and every one of our members understand how this new SHOUTcast software works and the changes they made. We have also seen an increase with an area of Centova Cast that seems to be causing issues for some ... Read More »

31st Jan 2020
We said it before.. We say it again.. Apps is where it's at!

Over a year ago we said if you want listeners then APPS is where you will find them. One of our long time broadcasters was kind enough to share some of their app data with all of us. The numbers are very impressive and it solidifies what we have been saying. If you take a look at their Amazon Fire TV stats you can clearly see they are hitting 600+ ... Read More »

27th Jan 2020
NOTICE: It's January.. It's time to update, upgrade servers

Every year we update and upgrade all of our servers. This is typically done early in the year (January & February). We will start working on our servers January 25th. Once a server is fully updated and upgraded a server reboot is required. Radio stations and access to your Centova Cast panel will down during this reboot process. ReliaStream ... Read More »

19th Jan 2020
SOON: Samsung SMART TV apps.. Mobile App Updates.. Roku & Fire TV

The ReliaStream app team is hard at work in 2020. We are currently testing radio streaming apps on the SMART TV platform. This is mainly for Samsung televisions.  With over 157 million SMART TV's sold last year we think it's time to start offering ReliaStream radio apps on this platform. The app will be similar to Roku/Fire TV but this time the ... Read More »

19th Jan 2020