Broadcast your station on Amazon

Alexa.. Play my radio station!

Alexa Radio App (You Build App)

The Amazon Alexa app is one of the hottest radio streaming platforms out right now. Many stations have reported excellent results once their Alexa app (skill) was created. Once you order your Alexa app we will send your new control panel details where you log in and start creating your new Alexa app. You will receive these details within 24 hours. If you have any questions be sure to contact us.

If you are not comfortable with building your own app and you would rather the ReliaStream App Team build your Alexa app be sure to order the Alexa App (We Build It) item. You will be required to send our app team station information, tune in links, and images in order for us to build the app for you.

We Build Your Alexa App

If you would rather the ReliaStream app team build your Alexa app you will need to add this item to your purchase. You will still be required to supply us with images and station information. Once we have all the details our team can start building your Alexa app for you. Be sure to check your email. This email will have everything we will require to build your Alexa app.

This is an addon item. You will still be required to purchase our monthly Alexa app plan in order to use this item. Be sure to add our monthly Alexa app plan to your order before purchasing this item.